DemonXBunny Energy Potion – House Blend Beans

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How do you take your energy potion?

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1 review for DemonXBunny Energy Potion – House Blend Beans

  1. Dr. David “The Fish” Sanchez (verified owner)

    The DemonXBunny Energy Potion is an incredibly smooth coffee. When I opened up the bag I immediately got the delightful scents of both caramel and maple syrup. Though I’m not a huge caramel guy, I can appreciate the taste when it’s not too overbearing, and this whole bean coffee’s taste is definitely not overbearing, which is awesome.

    I immediately brewed a pot upon receiving my whole bean coffee in the mail — after grinding the beans, of course. The brewing process resulted in a light caramel coffee scent filling the air — again, it wasn’t overbearing but rather pleasant and almost holiday-esque. I can see this being a hit in my household around the end of the year and even Halloween time!

    Okay, onto the coffee’s taste! The DemonXBunny Energy Potion is a nice light roast that welcomes you with its caramel and maple syrup flavors. The cool thing about this coffee is that it tastes great black! Usually, flavored coffees need a little cream and sugar (which I’m not a fan as I like my coffee black) because otherwise they taste a little too tart or just incomplete.

    Not this blend! Even black, it’s super delicious, rich, and full of flavor. Beyond the caramel and maple syrup taste are notes of cherry, adding natural sweetness and brightness to the coffee.

    To top things off, this blend also gave me a nice caffeine jolt. After drinking it, I felt alert and awake, and the effects lasted a good few hours!

    If you have a coffee bean grinder, this whole bean Energy Potion is absolutely recommended!

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