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DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Chaos in the multiverse! What lies ahead in the #WrestleCadeTrilogy ?? Part 3 drops this Wednesday, let’s recap a wild part 2
DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Dayton, OH
All set up here at Rockstar Pro Wrestling!!!

Come say hello!!

DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Still shocked by the developments from #MastersOfTheMultiverse #WrestlecadeTrilogy 2! Things are getting wild in the multiverse, catch up here β€”>
DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Who wants to decorate their car window? Let β€˜em know what team you’re on with this #demonxbunny car decal! This 8x10 decal is made to order, so allow a day or so for it to ship. Available now on πŸ’€x🐰
DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Hey guys! #demonxbunny 2019 Calendars have been moving on out, so for the last batch πŸ›  is feeling festive, order a calendar, get a random autograph thrown in! Speaking of, we’ve expanded the autograph DXB bundle, to a random 5 of any signed 8x10, limited to 15 bundles in stock at
DemonXbunny - TM
DemonXbunny - TM
Team #demonxbunny is headed to @wrestlecon this coming April, you can secure your M&G/8x10 now at πŸ’€x🐰


Tomorrow is the best day of the week to have off work as the continuing escapades of @DemonxBunny and the Multiverse has its latest episode released

What will become of Cherry Bomb at the hands of Demon Rush

Epic #MailCall Today We got in Our Masters Of The Multiverse Shirt it is even cooler in person and i really like the green πŸ™‚ so thank you
@TonyLucassio @WeAreRosemary (all of them lol) @AllieImpact @CherryBSlayer @DemonxBunny
DemonxBunny photo

Did you miss out on your size with the #DemonVsSlayer and #WheresRosemary tees? Good news! They’ve been uploaded to our brand new PWT store. Now our out-of-print designs aren’t gone forever!

Guys!! πŸ°πŸŽ…πŸΌ

I am filming @CelebVM videos this week!!

If you would like a personalized Christmas/Holiday greeting click the link!!


@JollyHiveling @WeAreRosemary @wrestlecon @DemonxBunny Update: Ticket for the Con purchased, Ticket to Pancakes and Piledrivers 3 purchased, Hotel reservation Made. Your move @DemonxBunny ! πŸ™‚